Puppy Training for Basic Commands

It is advisable to start teaching your dog the basic commands to obey as soon as you bring it into your home as a puppy. It is easier for the puppy to grasp these commands than waiting for it to grow into an adult dog before you begin to teach it. Like human beings, it is difficult to change the behavior of a dog that has already learnt deviant behavior. It is important to make sure that the learning environment does not have any distractions if you want to have a successful leaning experience. The good thing with young puppies is that they are more eager to learn new things. Therefore, you will be able to record more amazing results if you train the dog when it is still at a young age.

You need to begin with the basic commends when training your puppy. Most of these commends are easy to follow and will not confuse the puppy. Once the puppy gets acquainted to these basics, you can now start to teach it more complex commands. This will result into a smooth and effective learning experience. The two basic commands that you need to train your dog to obey are come and sit. However, you need to add on the potty training as it makes an important step in the dog’s interaction with your family members.


Dog owners use this commend more often because you will expect the dog to come where you are for things such as food. You may also want the dog to get away from the place where your guests are. The best way to achieve this objective is calling the dog by its name. You can give your pet a small snack as a reward when it gets the command right. However, don’t overdo it when giving some food as an incentive or reward. You don’t want to give your puppy an upset stomach in the name of rewarding positive behavior. Just give an amount that will show that pet that it has done the right thing. This will motivate the pet to repeat the same positive behavior the next time you call it by name.


This command is critical especially if you want to learn to control your pet. It will help you if you want the pet to stay in a specific place and not to follow you or any other family members. Make sure you train the dog to obey the sit command. You can place a small snack in your hand, show it to your dog, and then tell it to sit down. You can also press its rear portion of the back at the same time to make it to sit down. You can then give it the snack as you cuddle it in a loving manner. After a few attempts, you can repeat the command without pressing the back to see whether the dog will obey. Apart from potty training, the other commends that you can teach your dog include stopping to bark, responding to its name, and going out of the room using the same set of instructions.